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Warming emoji project

Please leave a word of warm cheer and consolation to the medical staff and related workers who are struggling to resolve the cases of infected patients and situations, as well as some countries in Korea, such as Daegu, Gyeongbuk, and the United States, Italy, and Spain, where the recent Covid-19 is severe.
(When writing, write the author’s name and contact information (or e-mail) in the upper part.)

Every month of the next month, those with excellent benefits, freshness, warmth, and comfort among the words of cheer and comfort posted on that month For those who have chosen these days and left these words, prizes will be awarded at the amount determined by the activist, taking into account the above four factors in a unit of 1 Doollar within the limit of at least 1 Dollar to a maximum of 55 Dollars.

Warming emoji project
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