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Promise guide for project use / participation


The ‘Corona rectify’ Project is a community in which all of us, including activists, voluntarily work to help resolve the Covid-19 situation with one heart.
However, despite the meaningful purpose of these projects, Covid-19-related victims or members of important tasks such as medical staff treating patients and their families and patients in some regions and infected with serious occurrence of Covid-19 To cause serious injury to these people by disgusting them for no reason or by using false information, or repeatedly posting or recertifying the same posts several times.
Improper activities such as the promotion of corona-related items, manipulation of views using various programs such as macros, and repeated posting of posts and comments may occur.
In this case, if the community violates the current laws or does activities that fall within the criteria for the suspension of online service use activities established by public commitments to the activities of the prevailing partners, it is inevitable to restrict the use of the community as follows. Thank you for your understanding.

Public commitment to widely fresive partner activities Article 25, paragraph 4
④.Activists are encouraged to engage in activities of contacting activists using information and communication networks or other communications with one of the following activities through various communication systems such as homepage, messenger, and contact means used for the activists’ activities. Can be stopped.

1.A person who has interfered with the activities by distributing the contents that the person has already posted on a regular basis.

2.A person who habitually distributes illegal information specified in the Information and Communication Network Act <Revised 2019.11.05>

3. A person who makes an infringement act such as altering, modifying, or destroying the communication system specified in the appointment cue, or manipulates the result produced by the system or paralyzes it by means of virus distribution, content encryption, etc. < Revision 2018.12.29>

3-2. Regarding factors such as the content, level, quality, and freshness of the results or activities calculated by the system specified in the preceding paragraph, without any legitimate method, it is due to public opinion and recognition led by a large number of participants or others exposed to the activities. A person who arbitrarily impersonated these people and led them to lead or to lead < newly 2019.02.27>

4.Persons who have posted promotional information for businesses prohibited by current law, businesses that do not legally report, permit, or register under the current laws, or for businesses that are prohibited from selling or promoting using telecommunication networks or other communications < Revision 2018.12.29>

A person who posts promotional information about a business that has been suspended due to disciplinary action by law or has been canceled by reporting, registration, or permission by disciplinary action.

6.Others who have disseminated or posted contents that violate laws through the system specified in the clue


1. Post deletion · If it is reported as an inappropriate post, it may be deleted, and the reply, comment, and reply to the post to be deleted are also deleted.

2. Writing limit · If the number of post deletion is cumulative, depending on the cumulative degree, this project is limited to writing and editing, recommending, and reporting on this project for a certain period of time. However, if a post with a serious degree of violation is found to be subject to criminal punishment in accordance with the current legislation, writing indefinitely may be restricted regardless of the cumulative amount.

3. Permanent use restrictions · If the deletion of posts is accumulated, the activity of this community can be permanently prohibited for the corresponding ID depending on the cumulative degree. In principle, there are step-by-step restrictions such as warning, temporary suspension, and permanent use restrictions. In the event that the content, such as an obscene post, leads to a violation of the law or is considered to be a serious cause of social objection, temporary or permanent use restrictions may be taken immediately.

4. Criteria and application of use limit judgment · Multiple use restrictions may be taken at the same time for a single inappropriate posting activity. · The usage restrictions for the user can include the severity and frequency of the target post, the number of posts, the possibility of recurrence, and intentionality. Comprehensive judgment.

5. Withdrawal of appointment appointed as companion operator According to the horizontal relationship with the activist, if the person designated as the companion operator has performed the following activities and inappropriate activities as excellent users, the appointment can be withdrawn through the notification mail.
In case of writing a post that violates related laws, promises for use / participation in the project, or public promises for the use of widely used partners. · Violation of laws.

6 . Objection · In case of usage restrictions of 1,2,3 and 5 above, the user will be exposed with a notice or a separate email will be sent. · In
case of objection by deleting the post or using the restriction, inquire / report / If you inquire through the suggestion page such as outside partnership, related answers and review are possible.