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Troubleㆍproblem resolve project

If you have any problems or problems caused by the Covid-19 incident, such as depression caused by the phenomenon caused by the Covid-19 incident (continued in the life of Bangkok, reckless travel plans, etc.), lethargy, economic breakdown, anxiety and fear, and inter-floor noise, etc. You can consult in the form of asking and answering questions here.
In this project, anyone can discuss their own worries, and anyone can provide advice to solve any worries or problems someone has addressed.
(How to give advice is to access the trouble or problem post posted here and click the answer button to answer it.)
When you discuss a problem or problem here, find an effective solution to that problem or problem. In order to make sure that each issue or problem you have has been addressed in detail, please mention it in detail, and if there is a cause of this issue and any existing solutions you have known, please mention it and discuss it. The author’s name and contact information (or required email

address ) are required.)
Among the people who offered and advised 1 Dollar ~ 30 Dollars of comfort money and warm comfort letter to the person who chose the problem or problem that needs to be resolved every month. Selected helpful tips to the person who wrote them Cows 1 Dollar ~ encourage money and hand you the letters of encouragement up to 55 Dollars.

Troubleㆍproblem resolve project
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