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Corona rectifycare Project Massively Reorganized, Corona Job Pilot Open Commemoration Special Contest (1st-Contest for Handwriting and Know-how on Overcoming Corona, etc.)

● Application Overview:
“Corona rectifycare Project”, which began to original Korean project open on March 11, global project open on May 23, provides daily Covid-19 status boards that are easy to understand, and anyone can report about Covid-19 related absurdities, warmth for infected patients, medical staff, etc. It is a voluntary participation-based Covid-19 information sharing community that can share and share activities such as leaving a word, a virus, or a novel proposal to solve this situation.

Of course, few people have participated in this to date, but in the recent month when the Covid-19 situation is seriously going on at home and abroad, this has caused unexpected problems that have not been experienced so far, and Corona-Job, which will be an important basis for this project ( The project was reorganized on a large scale as the importance of the project reorganization emerged, including the completion of the preparation process for the corona-job) project and the current trial opening.

As a result, in order to commemorate this massive reorganization, we held a contest contest for suggestions on ideas for overcoming and solving the Covid-19 situation, which expresses what each person felt as they experienced while overcoming or solving the Covid-19 situation. What did each person feel or thought about as they overcome or resolve this situation? We look forward to your informative and fresh experiences and ideas about how to overcome your situation and try to solve it, experiences that helped you solve the situation, and ways to overcome and solve them.

● Application:
1. What each person felt after seeing the situation in the Covid-19 situation at home and abroad.2.My own know-how to overcome or unexpectedly experience unexpected situations such as the life of the housecock that I experienced in the Covid-19 situation, or this situation. The story of experiencing the experience of each person while watching various cases of Covid-19 related absurdities such as mask hoarding or various precedents to solve this situation (donation of masks and hand sanitizers, establishment of information providing sites such as coronamap, etc.)

● Eligibility: No restrictions

● Application Period: 2020.04.12 (Sun) 15:00 ~ 06.14 (Sun) 24:00

● How to apply: 1. Connect to the competition page (shortcut) that comes out by clicking on the contest information pop-up window that appears when you access the Covid-19 Barosum Care Project page, or enter the contest page (shortcut) in the middle of the page. Participation is complete when you write in 2. Email reception ( and mail and visit reception (postal code 47549-22, Yeonje-gu, Busan, Republic of korea (Yeonsan-dong, Dongseo-gai # 408)), activity (communication sharing communication activity) Etc.) It is also possible to register during participation. ※ The form of the application form is attached as a file to the announcement of the contest. ( Shortcut )
※ When submitting, the title of the post or the e-mail to be written on the bulletin board or the walking side of the reception envelope will be displayed as “Application for the rectifycare Special Competition- (Applicant’s name) Please fill out.

● Announcement of Winners: Each applicant will be announced individually from the application date to a period within 6 to 14 days.

● Awards: Benefits Awards (Activities are determined in units of 1 Dollar within the range of at least 35 Dollars to a maximum of 85 Dollars, taking into consideration factors such as social feasibility, benefit, and novelty of the winning work. Prizes are awarded in principle, but special prizes (listed prizes-100 to 6,600 Dollars) can be awarded for specially outstanding works. ※ Please refer to the official contest announcement regarding matters not mentioned here.

rectifyCare Special Contest
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