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● Event Overview

Due to the recent Covid-19 incident, as of world several school started to open with an unfamiliar online class method.

With the opening of this school, online classes are not attended to school, but there is a positive aspect that our society will act as a turning point toward a society where smart cutting-edge technology is important. Unexpected problems may occur in various preparations and classes.

First of all, the biggest problem is that some students may have difficulty in class management because they don’t know about it even if they turn on the computer or play video.

Classes may be difficult if you are not familiar with using such equipment, such as the visually impaired.

Although it is only a small part, the provision of equipment necessary for class acts as an unexpected economic burden.

In the case of face-to-face communication, where you face-to-face with the teacher and conduct class with your voice

The noise around the house may not be able to hear the voice of the teacher or student.

There may be serious conflicts between neighbors due to problems such as the voices of the students due to the class or various noises caused by the sound of the performing arts class.

sure. This online schooling nationwide has been under-prepared, and the problems will arise.

However, one day, these problems will also require all of us to exercise wisdom to solve these problems so that online classes should be smooth.

In addition, those who are engaged in related tasks such as the manufacture of masks and hand sanitizers due to the Covid-19 incident, various prevention / examination, and treatment of patients with infectious diseases, have faced all kinds of difficulties due to frequent overtime work and high work intensity. You may experience

As such, there are significant problems or difficulties caused by the online school opening or the explosion of related work caused by the Covid-19 incident, and we must all work together to resolve them.

● Entry section: (1). Late-experience section for classes such as live broadcasting according to online school opening-Student department (diary, writing, drawing, etc.), teacher / family department-(experience writing)

1. Participation in classes conducted through live broadcasts, etc.

2. Experience the process of preparing for online school (preparation of necessary equipment such as web cam, countermeasure against floor noise, etc.)

3. Other experiences and feelings of performing tasks or other special types of activities in the online course.

(2) .Reporting problems arising from classes related to online school opening-

It is divided into question and answer categories, and it is difficult to proceed with classes due to system purchase problems, overload, obstacles, and errors, various problems such as diseases caused by the use of equipment, various noise problems caused by classes, physical activity, musical instrument performance You can apply by submitting (questioning) questions about various issues related to various activities, such as online school or online classes, and suggesting solutions or advice (answers).

(3). Covid-19-related work experience handwriting contest section-

1. Thinking about how each job works to solve the Covid-19 situation while manufacturing Covid-19 related products such as masks and hand sanitizers

2. Each person thinks that these tasks can play an important role in the resolution of the Covid-19 situation while performing virus quarantine / inspection or treatment of infected patients.

3. In addition, any feelings you have felt about the work, such as what you have felt while doing the work specified in 1,2 or above, or other corona-related work, and the degree of social impact of such work.

(4) .General manias section (handwriting, etc.) and idea proposal section-

Online school classes or areas that are desperate for the Covid-19 situation, what you have seen and felt through the eyes of the public about the jobs or the contents of those fields and jobs (such as handwriting) or online school classes, ideas for jobs in fields that are desperate for the Covid-19 situation, etc.

● Eligibility: (1) .Experience contest contest for classes such as live broadcasting according to online school opening

Children and Youth Department-Students from 1 to 3 years of age who start school by using the online method, or families under the age of 13 who live with the students

Teacher / Family Department-Parents of students aged 13 and over and those under 13

(3). Covid-19 related work experience Term Competition Competition-Those who are currently working in the following industries as of the application date or have experience in the following industries for more than 1 day from January 01, 2020 to the application date

1. Covid-19 related hygiene and medical products manufacturing business such as masks, hand sanitizers, diagnostic kits, etc.

2. Covid-19 related medical affairs such as anti-virus protection and disinfection, and patient care and examination,

3. Persons engaged in health sector related organizations (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Disease Management Headquarters, local health departments, etc.), covid-19 related organizations.

All other jobs that are directly or indirectly related to the Covid-19 incident, including the purpose of overcoming and dealing with Covid-19.

(2). Reporting issues related to online school classes (4). General manias and idea proposals in sectors 1 and 3 above-no limits

● Application Period: 2020.04.21 (Tue) 17:30 ~ 06.14 (Sun) 24:00

● How to apply: (2) .Reporting problems arising from classes related to online school opening All areas except the section-

Fill out the entry form and activity appointment prepared for each entry section and click on (or click on the shortcut here) the competition information pop-up window that appears when accessing the Corona rectifyCare Project page If you fill it in as a file on the bulletin board, the application is completed.

※ E-mail ( reception and mail / visit reception (postal code 47549-Yeonje-gu, Busan Metropolitan City 22 (Yeonsan-dong, Dongseo Shopping Street # 408)), activities (academic sharing communication activities, etc.) .

※ Participation application form and activity appointment letter are attached as a file to this post (public notice).

※ When submitting, please fill out the posts you write on the bulletin board, the title of the e-mail you send, or the application form of the “rectifycare Special Contest-(applicant’s name)”.

(2) .Reporting problems arising from classes related to online school opening Sector- page of government project- If you register a problem related to the above topic or answer (advise) a problem registered with this topic, you will be automatically accepted (if you submit a question or answer that fits these topics without submitting an application, you will be considered as applying)

● Judging Criteria: Experience Period, Written Period: Examination considering factors such as contributions, artwork, sympathy, artistry, benefit, and novelty to overcome or solve problems or Covid-19 incidents caused by online opening of the submitted works (※ In the case of the student department, students should be considered in consideration of the average level and ability of the grade they belong to)

Problem reporting: Question – Examining and answering comprehensively considering factors such as the cause of the problem, the reason for the report, and the effect of the report – the degree of resolution of the proposed problem, the possibility of resolution, the social impact of the resolution, or the like Screening considering factors comprehensively

Idea: Comprehensive examination of factors such as the degree of overcoming or resolving the Covid-19 of the submitted work, benefit, novelty, and feasibility

Announcement of Winners: Announced periodically at 21 o’clock on the 9th, 19th and 29th of every month from April 29 (Wed) to June 29 (Mon)

Special Prize Winners-Selected and announced separately from the winners at 21:00 on Tuesday, June 30

※ For other matters regarding this contest, such as award criteria, please refer to the official contest announcement (shortcut).

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