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You can make inquiries/affiliates/proposals for activities such as various alliances/sisterhood requests for the progress of this project, alliance-related requests for commercial activities with the project, and other inquiries/free proposals for activities.

When requests related to various sisterhood relationships/affiliations, etc. are received from the proposer, Widely Fresive Partner activist Kim Kun-jae receives the requested alliance proposal.
We will inform you by email of the proposer that the application has been completed.
When requesting re-registration of the partnership proposal (absence of the attached file, etc.), please re-register by correcting or supplementing the content of the partnership proposal.
Since all activities conducted by widely Fresive partner activists are social participation activities conducted not as a profession, but as a hobby. Hoping to ask for a meeting between minutes
On holidays, please request that we meet between 09:00 am and 23:45 am.