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Irregularities reporting project

Please report various irrational phenomena, such as fake news about mask hoarding, deaf people’s movements, omission and concealment of outbreaks, and aversion to viruses or related classes, such as lack of confirmation.

If the tip “who, when, where, how, what, why ‘prices according to the 6 to the principles of evidence
hoping to tip by presenting it when (history, photos, videos, etc.)
serious injury to the party slander or personal If you make a false report in order to attack,
we will inform you that you may be subject to damages or criminal punishment depending on the relevant laws and regulations .

In principle, the report should be made anonymous, and the title of the report is “Title for the report to be reported-anonymous report”. You can write a title with ”and report it in real name.

Irregularities reporting project
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