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Promise guide for project use / participation



Anyone can freely use the results of the public activities of this project and the materials created by the activists.

The material created according to the public activities of this project (such as the result of the activity) will be copyrighted by both sides, and
all the materials independently created by the activist will be copyrighted by the activist.
As a result, any publicly active material, copyrighted by both activists and participants, and any other publicly-owned material and copyrighted works by activists are free to use and commercially available. In this case, please provide the source of the work used.

The copyright for the results of non-public activities is shared with all participants and me.

The copyright for the contents of this project, which is not disclosed, is shared with all the participants and me, and any one of them can use it freely.
In addition, if this content is disclosed to the society through the media, anyone can use it freely.

Free use of copyrighted works that are not copyrighted by activists, such as materials donated by other organizations, is excluded.

The project also provides materials for which the activist does not have all or part of the copyright.
In addition, there are many materials provided free of charge by individuals, institutions, organizations, etc. to participate in these activities or interests and affections for the activities related to the project or related fields, so
permission from both parties is required to use these works. Activists will make it easy for copyright holders to obtain permission, so please do not take the burden of permission required when using a work.
In addition, activists can use anyone who does not have permission for the activity data that requires permission to use in order to increase the possibility of creating positive effects due to activities such as improvement of consensus on activities due to the dissemination of the results of the project activities I’ll do it.

For inquiries related to activity materials, please contact us via email (, call the activity headquarters (010-2256-7049), or other inquiries / partnerships on this website.


In addition to copyright, the original right holder’s intention is followed for other materials in which exclusive rights holders exist for portrait rights, patents, utility models, trademark rights, etc.

In addition to copyrights, this project provides all or part of the materials to the original right holder under contracts for securing other exclusive rights to materials such as portrait rights, patents, utility models, and trademark rights. Anyone can use the materials contracted to be used by the right holder, but if not, the original right holder must obtain permission to use these rights, and even in this case, the activist will make it easy to obtain permission from the original right holder. If so, please do not bear the burden of the necessary permission. For inquiries on other exclusive rights, such as portrait rights, patents, utility models, trademark rights, etc. of activity materials, please email ( or call the activity headquarters (010-2256-7049) or other inquiries/affiliate or free suggestions on this website. Please do it through the corner.