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The ‘Corona rectify’ Project is a variety of erroneous phenomena that occur in the current state of the Covid-19 virus (local hatred in official names, hatred and slander due to stereotypes about the country and region of origin). Corrects hate and human attacks on the victims of the virus situation, such as patients and medical doctors, etc., and makes it possible to widely share fresh suggestions for resolving the situation and provides information about the virus-related situation in an easy-to-understand manner. It is a project to overcome this situation with the spirit of the arms that share the warmth of each other through activities such as.

The project started on February 5 at the level of alternative name contest and warm commenting event, but the current situation in Covid-19 is very serious at home and abroad, and the need for accurate information about it has become even more urgent. 19 As attacks, hatred, and discrimination against related classes continued to occur, the
Covid-19 incident continued until it was completely ended, and the project was reorganized into a community portal.

In addition, this project is operated not only in an equal way that anyone can act horizontally with activists, but also in a way that anyone can share their warm words and suggestions. The contents do not set any exclusive rights such as patent rights, trademark rights, and copyrights, so anyone can use them freely.
(However, for the individual content of the participant, the participant can individually apply for intellectual property rights, and the content posted by the participant according to the permission of the original copyright holder is inevitably free to use it if the permission for free use has not been made. Please understand that.)

As I explained earlier, I hope that this project will enable all of us to exercise our own wisdom and overcome the Covid-19 situation with one heart.

Thank you.

May 20, 2020
Project Operator Widely fresive Partner Activist GeonJae. Kim